Welcome to New Gulph


This fall marks New Gulph Children’s Center forty-fourth birthday. In thinking about this milestone, perhaps what is most special about New Gulph is what has remained the same since the first parents entrusted their children to our care. At that time, parents wanted a place that would nurture and stimulate their children. They wanted a place where their children would feel comfortable, safe and loved. They wanted a place where their children could explore, grow and learn. And they knew that the key ingredient for this was a staff of qualified and loving teachers who would care for their children and the center.

The same ideals of nurturing children in a loving environment and preparing the whole child ‐ physically, academically, socially and emotionally, for not only kindergarten, but also a life-long love of learning, continue to be the focus of New Gulph. Indeed, it is that very trait which enables parents to go off to work having nothing but fond thoughts of their child knowing they are happy and stimulated and in a warm, loving and safe environment. 

Over time, a strong New Gulph community has emerged that extends beyond semesters, classrooms, school districts, and even colleges.  In 2015, New Gulph Children’s Center was named the Childcare Center of the Year by Main Line Parent Magazine, a wonderful tribute to our dedicated teachers.  Please click on our “testimonial” link to view a sampling of the beautiful endorsements written by some of our current families in support of this award.  

I hope this site answers some of your questions and begins to give you a sense of what a very special place New Gulph is. I am always happy to “show off” our kids and the Center and invite you to visit New Gulph Children’s Center so you can see for yourself.

In the meantime, thanks for taking the time to visit NGCC online!

-Nancy Klein, Director