Opportunities to Give Back to New Gulph

While we are sensitive to the financial commitment already being made by parents, fundraising is vital to the success of NGCC. New Gulph is financially sound, and we must constantly be mindful of expenses and provide a strong base to maintain our excellent standards. We have always had a policy of setting tuition no higher than necessary to meet our basic expenses and operate with a minimal “cushion” to meet unanticipated expenses and large capital improvements.

New Gulph strives to make fundraising as painless as possible for our families. While fundraising is only a small portion of our annual budget, we do require these monies to balance our budget and finance significant and/or unforeseen expenditures.

For over a dozen years, New Gulph has hosted a silent auction and basket raffle fundraiser event.  This fundraiser is held at the home of a New Gulph family and also serves as our annual Teacher Appreciation night. In addition to the silent auction and raffle, service awards and thanks are given to each teacher, individually, throughout the night. Parents and teachers enjoy a relaxing evening of food, conversation, and fun.

This past year’s fundraiser, held in March, raised over $13,000.  It is important to the long-term success of our Center that all families participate in this event at some level. You can help to fill our bountiful raffle baskets by donating items yourselves, or soliciting contributions from a family member or your favorite merchant, sell tickets, have the winning bid for our 50 silent auction items, or participate in our live auction. Plans are in the works for the next auction event. 

NG is a non-profit program recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) organization. All contributions are tax deductable.