Infant/Toddler Program

(Ages 6 weeks through 2 years)

New Gulph Children’s Center’s Infant/Toddler room is organized “family style”. Combining infants and toddlers provides stimulation and nurturing for all ages. Instead of progressing through a series of different classes, such as Newborns, Creepers, Young Toddlers, Older Toddlers and different teachers, children at NGCC remain in the same classroom with the same teachers until they are ready to move up to the Preschool classroom, usually sometime close to their third birthday. This arrangement is unique to most other centers in our area, and our parents find it has many benefits.

Infants maintain their own individual eating and sleeping schedules. When they’re not resting or feeding, they’re engaged in the activities of the day, participating from the vantage point of an infant seat or a comfy Teacher’s lap. The antics and activities of the older children fascinate them.

As they grow older, the I/T Teachers encourage our youngest children to gradually and naturally – within the bounds of safety – mingle with and become part of the toddlers’ interactions. Meanwhile, they’re “working” on the important milestones of sitting up, crawling, walking and talking. They can play freely in the safety of the “baby area,” where one or more Teachers are always present to help and encourage them.

Each day, there is a period when the Older Toddlers are separated from the younger children. During this special “Group Time,” Older Toddlers have the opportunity to work on developmentally appropriate projects and games in the Nap Room, which doubles as a cognitive play center. The Teachers encourage them to work on developing their emerging skills to help ensure a smooth transition to the Preschool.

The staff-to-child ratio in the I/T room is maintained at 1:4.

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