Nancy Klein, Director of New Gulph Children’s Center since 1982, has been a valued member of the staff for over 40 years. Nancy joined the Center in 1973 as a pre-school teacher shortly after earning her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from Syracuse University. Her grown son, Stephen, went through New Gulph, and Nancy taught, loved and cared for several of the women who are now long-time members of the New Gulph staff.

These special relationships, as well as Nancy’s thoughtful leadership over several decades, have helped to create the family feeling that is so strong and valued at New Gulph Children’s Center. When asked what she appreciates most about New Gulph, Nancy describes how she “enjoys working with children and families as they grow up, and the closeness of the New Gulph staff.”

“I’m also proud of the warmth and strong bonds that one can’t help but feel at New Gulph. It’s a closeness that’s present in every interaction: among the children, between teachers and children, and with parents, staff and the kids.”

Members of the New Gulph community can thank Nancy Klein’s boundless dedication and leadership for so many of the qualities that have made New Gulph a vital, positive influence in our lives.