Preschool Special Programs

Creative Movement and Music Programs

These programs incorporate a wide variety of music and movement activities promoting body awareness, rhythms, memorization skills, language skills, literacy, motor skills and other elements of dance and music. Animal sounds and movements, emotions and natural imagery inspire many activities. Together with the instructors the children find how many ways they can use their whole bodies, arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, toes, heads, tummies, bottoms and voices. They use their face, voice and body to show how they look if they feel sad, happy angry, shy and so forth

The instructors, with “great help” from the children, make up and tell stories and songs through movement and music activities. For example, the children can pretend to be a slithering snake, a jumping frog, or a chirping cricket. The teachers use different props as the children dance and sing. A scarf can become a butterfly or a snake, the wind or an ocean wave, a ball or a bath towel. The children fly, skip, gallop, hop, leap and turn to become horses, birds, frogs, and on and on. A variety of music is played. The classes provide the children with ample opportunities to sing along with favorite songs as well as new songs engage in musical guessing games and play interactive music and movement games.


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