Preschool Program

(Ages 3 years through 5 years)

Five contiguous classrooms provide an easy flow of activity for the Preschool children.  Ample space is brimming with stimulating materials and equipment: plenty of blocks and wooden trains for building; a play kitchen and “props” for playing “Let’s pretend”; a computer and library filled with books; shelves of toys, puzzles and games to manipulate; arts and crafts for creating projects; and natural objects to explore. The walls are always well decorated with the children’s latest creations!

The staff-to-child ratio in the Preschool is 1:7. (The Pennsylvania state maximum is 1:10.) Teacher-directed activities include listening to stories, singing and dancing, sharing ideas and learning school readiness skills cleverly designed as fun. Teachers provide individual attention every day to nurture each child’s self esteem and closely monitor their changing needs and abilities.

Based on an open classroom model, the program encourages children to explore and make choices with age-appropriate activities. The day is loosely structured around the following activities:

  • Dramatic play
  • Blocks and building
  • Creative arts
  • Cognitive games
  • Science
  • Circle time
  • Story time
  • Clean-up time
  • Outdoor play
  • Special visitors and activities
  • Music & movement

In addition, our “Star of the Week” program gives each child an opportunity to shine in a special way during one week of the school year. Special activities and privileges include parents bringing in photos of the “Star” and his or her family and friends for display in the Center, parents or another adult of choice visiting NGCC to read a favorite story and share a snack for the children, and the child selecting a video from home for the Preschool classmates to watch on Friday.

Graduates of New Gulph’s Preschool are academically and socially well prepared for their next step: kindergarten. Our young alumni attend a wide variety of public and private schools throughout the area.