New Gulph Children’s Center offers a high quality program, skilled and experienced staff, and a favorable staff-child ratio. Full enrollment is essential to our ability to continue to provide the finest program for our children. For these reasons and in fairness to all, priority is given to children enrolling in the five full day program over a part-time schedule. Please review and adhere to our registration procedures.


A packet of registration materials is distributed by the Director to families interested in enrolling a child in the New Gulph program. The packet includes:

            Registration and Agreement Form:  provides family, business, health and emergency information, indicates and reserves enrollment schedule.

            Health Appraisal Form: Completed by the child’s physician @ 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24 month visits and annually thereafter. Proof of immunizations is required.

            Emergency Contact/Parental Consent Form: provides consent for emergency medical care, administration of minor first aid, and walks. Trips, swimming and wading applies to summer program only however your signature at the time of initial enrollment is required. Evidence of the child’s medical insurance coverage is required.

  • Parental Assistance Form
  • Media Consent Form
  • Infant Feeding Form (complete if enrolling an infant)

Forms are to be completed and returned to the Director prior to enrollment. A non-refundable registration fee and deposit must accompany the registration forms.


New Gulph Children’s Center is a nonprofit organization. The Center must cover costs and provide for its capital needs as well as emergencies. The Center’s annual budget, as developed and approved by the Center’s Board, has traditionally attempted to meet all anticipated operating costs through fees paid by parents of children currently enrolled, without any surplus. Fees are set at the lowest possible level, consistent with the Center’s commitment to attracting and retaining high-quality staff and maintaining a high-quality program. The fee structure for the Infant/Toddler and Preschool programs is described in detail on the attached information sheets.

REGISTRATION FEE:  A non-refundable registration fee is charged at the time of initial enrollment and then annually at fall registration. The registration fee is $50.00 per child ($40.00 for additional child in the same family). The registration fee is not applicable to tuition.

DEPOSIT:  A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of initial enrollment and for enrollment for each additional session. The deposit is applied to tuition for the session; if tuition is paid in monthly installments, the deposit will be applied to the last monthly installment of each session. The deposit is $300.00 per child/session.

TUITION AND PAYMENTS:  Tuition is calculated on full weeks for an entire session, with no deductions for days the Center is closed, scheduled (holidays) or unscheduled (snow days), nor for days that a child cannot or does not use registered time (sick days, family vacations). Tuition is not charged for the winter or summer breaks.

Tuition may be paid in a single-payment or monthly installments. Choice of the payment option is indicated on the registration form. Prior to each session, the Center’s financial consultant sends each family an invoice indicating tuition, food fees and deposit for the session. The invoice is the only notice of payment due.
            Single Payment:  Parents who elect this option receive a one percent (1%) discount on tuition. Payment is due by the first day of the session. Overdue tuition is charged a $10 late fee.

            Installment Payment:  The total amount of the invoice for the session is divided into equal monthly payments. The deposit is deducted from the last payment of the session. The first payment is due no later than the first day of the session. Remaining payment is due on the first day of each following month. Overdue tuition is charged a $10 late fee.

TUITION REFUND POLICY:  A family is responsible for full payment for the session regardless of whether the child completes the session. NO REFUND or deduction in tuition is allowed for absences, vacations, reduction of hours, withdrawal or dismissal of the child from the Center.

FAMILY DISCOUNT:  NGCC offers a family discount for siblings. The discount is limited to the tuition fee and does not include the food fee. To qualify, both children must be enrolled, simultaneously, full time (5 full or 5 early days). A 10% tuition reduction is applied to the lowest tuition fee only.

FOOD FEE:  All children enrolled at the Center at lunch time are provided a nutritionally balanced lunch cooked in the Center’s kitchen. Healthful snacks are served midmorning and mid afternoon. Parents of infants are charged the food fee when their child begins to eat solid food (baby cereal or food). Refer to the fee information sheets for the current food fee.

EXTRA HOURS:  For parents occasionally needing additional child care, hours may be available beyond enrolled time. The ability of the Center to accommodate requests for extra hours depends upon staffing, and staff/child ratios. Thus, the Center reserves the right to refuse requests for extra hours.

After a 15 minute grace period, children picked-up after their registered exit time, are charged an extra hour fee. Extra hours are NOT available after the 5:30 PM. closing time.

The Center staff records the extra hours as used by each child. Extra hours are billed at the “extra hour rate” indicated on the fee information sheets. An invoice is sent at the end of each month. Payment is indicated on the invoice.

LATE PICK-UP:  There is no grace period after 5:30 PM. Families picking up children after 5:30 p.m. will incur the appropriate extra hour charge plus the late pick-up fee indicated on the fee information sheet. The fee is cumulative. It is our hope that no funds are generated from this fee.

RESERVING SPACE:  Families interested in reserving a space for a child at New Gulph should submit a completed registration packet, registration fee and deposit to the Director at the address listed below ASAP. This assures your child’s enrollment in the New Gulph program. Upon completion of registration, each family receives a copy of the NGCC Parent Handbook. Please read it to understand the policies and procedures under which the Center operates.