What Parents Love About New Gulph 


We send our 8.5 month old to New Gulph and have since she was 3 months old. I cannot say enough good things and have referred pregnant coworkers here as well. NGCC is relaxed, welcoming and honestly feels like another home for my daughter. The staff has been there forever (several for over 30 years) and they have basically zero turnover. They treat my daughter like part of the family and are always ready to talk about her development or lend a sympathetic ear. I cannot say enough good things!!



New Gulph is such a special place. Walking into New Gulph, one gets the sense that it’s a big family with a lot of young children! The teachers and the director are always incredibly loving and engaged with the children. They truly know and understand each child and his/her personality and treat each one as an individual. This proves very helpful when you ask how your child’s day went because they can always give you lots of good and useful information. The facility is wonderful and the outdoor space is amazing!  Kids get lots of outdoor play time. Practically speaking, I also loved that New Gulph provides food and snacks, bibs, crib lines/nap mats, etc. And when your kids get older, New Gulph has an equally amazing preschool program with early morning and extended day hours. Both of my children (now ages 4 and 6) started at New Gulph as infants and went on to New Gulph’s preschool program. My 6 year old was beyond prepared for kindergarten. We will be sad to go and will always remember this great group who did so much for our kids.



We love New Gulph - we feel like our kids have blossomed there over the past three years. Teachers are patient and kind, and the individual attention that each child gets is very impressive - teachers work with each child 1:1 daily, which is incredibly effective for learning at any age, but especially for young kids. We also love that kids are very active, and get to go and play outside every day!



New Gulph is wonderful- an extension of our family.  The Infant/Toddler room teachers are so experienced and gifted with little ones. Both kids enjoyed the “baby room.” My eldest attended from 6 months all the way through and was completely prepared for Kindergarten. It was an easy transition.   My youngest is there now and the pre-school program continues to be fabulous. There is 1:1 attention every day as well as group actives that integrate all ages. There is time set aside for formal learning with special sessions for Spanish, math, art, dance, music, and science and equal time for play throughout the year. The teachers are wonderful and having a hot meal everyday is a real plus. The summer camp is amazing as well. I highly recommend NG to anyone looking for child care.



New Gulph is hands down the MOST amazing place to send your little one. They say it “takes a village” to raise a child, and this is pretty much the most loving, nurturing village you could find. The staff and teachers have all been there for ions, and are walking encyclopedias of straight-talking, child-rearing expertise. The director of the school has been there for over 40 years, and leads with a calming yet warm and loving strength that serves as the foundation of the school. Three years ago, when my maternity leave came to an end, I dreaded sending my little peanut to day care, fearing she would be scarred for life. Now, as she literally sprints into school every morning to be greeted by a gaggle of fresh faced, bright-eyed “buddies” squealing with delight at her arrival…I feel as if I have given her the greatest gift any parent could wish for.  



New Gulph is really one of a kind. I have a 1 year old in the infant/toddler room and the experience has been beyond anything I could ever imagine. The best way I can describe New Gulph is as a big, happy family. The entire staff truly love what they do and they love these children. They have been there for 30, 25, 20 years which is extremely rare in any daycare center. The Director, Nancy, is phenomenal. I also love the convenience of not having to pack lunches, breakfast, snacks. Not even infant formula or baby wipes! My son is developing beautifully and always has a big smile on his face when I walk in to pick him up. Sometimes is hard to get him home because he just runs away from me laughing. Thank you New Gulph staff for your remarkable dedication to our children!



I can’t say enough about New Gulph. Our daughter is four now and has been at New Gulph since she was four months old. The teachers at New Gulph feel like family. It is never hard to leave my daughter in the morning, because I know just how happy she is at New Gulph with teachers she loves and the friends she adores. Not only has New Gulph created a home away from home for my daughter, but they have also been there as a constant source of parenting wisdom for my husband and I. From potty training (wait for warm weather) to sleep challenges the staff at New Gulph have proved the perfect sounding board. The small classes and intimate feel of New Gulph allow the teachers to work with and really know each child. Plus - the preschool summer camp program is amazing!



As first time parents we were nervous about having to find a daycare for our son - that is until we found New Gulph. The moment we walked through the doors, met Nancy (the director) and all of the wonderful teachers we were sold. Nancy communicated with us various times over the few months before our son started daycare, met with us the week before he began to answer all of our crazy questions and assured us it was fine to call and check up on him anytime we wanted to do so. After the first day of dropping him off I didn’t feel the need to call, I knew he was in great hands. We started in January and the staff has been AMAZING so far!!! They light up when they talk about your child, give lots of details about how their day went and genuinely speak with love. The staff is mostly all related and been there for years (and decades) so it really is a family atmosphere. We would recommend New Gulph to anyone looking for a daycare for their baby. On a more practical note, they provide lunch for your child, sheets for the cribs, bibs and wipes. Not having to worry about those things each morning makes life just that much easier! Thank you to the staff of New Gulph for making these first time parents so happy to have our son in daycare!!!



The teachers at New Gulph are like family. They love all of the children like they are their own. Our son would not take a bottle…until he met “mom mom,” a teacher who has been with New Gulph for over 40 years. By the first day, he was drinking from a bottle and on a nap schedule. Now a toddler, he runs into school every day to meet the teachers with a hug. The teachers get the kids to eat their veggies, take naps and even potty train! Our daughter graduated from the preschool. It is amazing to see how much the kids learn. Not only are the kids ready for kindergarten in math and reading, but they are also socially ready. The teachers are so loving. And they instill in the kids proper manners and rules, all while letting them play as kids should. We love New Gulph! 



Nancy Klein is a total gem. Everyone knows that the success of any business comes from the top down. Nancy has created such a warm and loving family environment, her dedication to the center, the wonderful staff and most importantly, the children, is palpable.

In her 40 years at NGCC, Fancy Nancy, as we like to call her, has clearly mastered the art of dealing with us crazy parents. She has that calm, soothing tone to her voice, that makes you feel as if you have been to a spa or a very long and productive therapy session after talking with her. I love that she knows every child’s name and you can often hear her having little, in-depth conversations with the kids. Always, in that calm, soothing and nurturing tone. Sometimes, you can find Nancy in her frigid little dungeon downstairs, but most often, you’ll find Nancy, upstairs, right in the thick of it, joining in in all the fun. She knows absolutely everything that is going on at all times, what they are eating for snack, who is having a hard day, who is sick, who is grumpy and who is working on going on the potty. A gentle and kind soul with a surprisingly sharp wit, our Fancy Nancy is a keeper!

Kirsten and Bruce


We love the experienced teachers at New Gulph…each teacher’s extended tenure (we’re talking decades) gives us comfort that our son will have consistency in the folks that care for him each day.  Their experience fosters a fun and nurturing environment for our son - and the tips/guidance they share with us is invaluable – especially as new parents!

Wendy and Shawn


We love the gentle, nurturing environment that promotes sharing and caring.  Our daughter has gotten a head start on these valuable social skills that will serve her well as she begins elementary school.



Our daughter started at NG in the I/T room and is now in the pre-school. Just like a family, we love the fact that there is interaction among all the ages-babies on up. The low turnover is also such a plus. For two years the same faces have greeted our daughter. The pre-school has a perfect balance of learning and play and we are very confident our daughter will be well prepared both socially and academically for kindergarten. We would recommend NG to anyone looking for a nurturing, family centered, learning environment.

Emily & Tyler


I love the mixed-age infant-toddler room. My toddler has learned how to be gentle and loving with her baby brother. My baby learns so much from being with the older kids, and he loves all of the attention he gets from them too!



The loving, attentive, individualized, and thoughtful care the teachers have given my son since he was 6 months old has helped to shape my wonderful little boy in incredible ways.  My care and love as a mother has been complimented, enhanced and supported by all of the staff at New Gulph in beautiful and irreplaceable ways.  It is a wonderful partnership that will ensure a bright future and well-rounded person for my son.



New Gulph’s staff is top notch!  The ladies who take care of the children in the Infant/Toddler room have worked together for a number of years.  They are very calm, warm and loving with the children in the room.  They greet my son everyday with enthusiasm and joy. 

New Gulph provides a daily hot lunch program.  It is amazing that they have been able to have my son eat foods at daycare that he is unwilling to eat at home!

        Ann Marie


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