A Stable and Experienced Staff

New Gulph Children’s Center is unique among day care centers nationally for the stability we have maintained in key staff positions. The Director and a Head Teacher have been employees for more than 40 years! Another staff member has served the Center for more than 30 years, one other for 20 years, and several more for over a decade each!

Parents place a very high value on the quality, experience, dedication and loyalty of the staff and are committed to maintaining excellent personnel with minimal turnover.

Things Parents Love About Our Teachers

  • The teachers respect, listen and never “talk down” to the children
  • Children are encouraged to form and voice opinions
  • Silliness is both appreciated and nurtured
  • Every teacher tries to find the good points of each child
  • They make sure our kids are more than prepared for Kindergarten in every way, including academically and socially
  • A lot of loving and nurturing care that have made my son an extremely affectionate (and sociable) 
    little boy
  • My son is excited to go to school – and on those occasional days when he is sad to see me go, I love the way one of his teachers always scoops him up and makes him happy again
  • The candid photos that the teachers take during the day while I’m at work and wondering what my 
    son is up to
  • Warm-hearted, practical advice and guidance I get
  • Lots of help with potty training!

Tributes given by parents at annual party

Tribute to the infant and toddler (I/T) teachers

Tribute to the Preschool teachers