What Parents Love About New Gulph 

 Overall  :  The Teachers  :  Infants and Toddlers  :  Preschool


  • The teachers respect, listen and never “talk down” to the children

  • Children are encouraged to form and voice opinions

  • Silliness is both appreciated and nurtured

  • Every teacher tries to find the good points of each child

  • They make sure our kids are more than prepared for Kindergarten in every way, including academically and socially

  • A lot of loving and nurturing care that have made my son an extremely affectionate (and sociable)
    little boy

  • My son is excited to go to school – and on those occasional days when he is sad to see me go, I love the way one of his teachers always scoops him up and makes him happy again

  • The candid photos that the teachers take during the day while I’m at work and wondering what my
    son is up to

  • Warm-hearted, practical advice and guidance I get

  • Lots of help with potty training!